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Learn Everything I Have Spent The Past 2 Years Figuring Out TODAY!

Who has the time to watch hours and hours of tutorials or do month-long challenges just to get their business online? This series of simple step-by-step videos will show you how to use the Groove apps to get any business online today.

(Only $297)

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*Refunds are not available on one-day trainings.

  • $3.6k Worth Of Free Traffic Every Month...

    Hundreds of people per month find my Groove blog organically in Google search results thanks to this simple automated content production process.  To buy the same traffic from Google or Facebook ads would cost thousands of dollars... But thanks to Groove (and a few other simple tools) I get all of this traffic for free; and you can too!


    $2,029.43 Earned Passively By Adding A Link To My Website?

    The Groovefunnels affiliate program makes it easy to earn extra money by simply adding a link to your website, and referring new users to the software. Since adding this simple link to my site, I've generated $5,043.25 in revenue, and earned an extra $2,029.43 in passive income (in addition to what my business generates). How much will you earn?

    Get The Training

    *Refunds are not available on one-day trainings.

    I Will Show You How To Setup Everything

    No more headaches, or getting stuck for hours looking for a particular setting. These quick video tutorials range from 10 to 30 minutes in length, and will show you every detail you need to see to get your funnel up and running with the works:

    Free Organic Traffic

    I will show you how to optimize your Groovepages and Grooveblog using SEO, so they start getting free traffic from Google search results.

    Automated Emails

    I will show you how to collect email addresses and phone numbers, and setup a system that automatically follows up with your leads.

    Membership Website

    I will show you how to setup your own membership website or online course that you can give away for free as a lead magnet, or sell for additional income.

    Sell Digital Products

    I will show you how to create your own digital products so that you can sell downloads, ebooks, audiobooks, videos, courses, and any other form of digital media.

    Get The Training

    *Refunds are not available on one-day trainings.

    Video 1: Buying A Custom Domain Name

    You can watch the first video in the training for free right here!

    Get The Training

    *Refunds are not available on one-day trainings.

    Get 2 Years Worth Of Experience In 2 Hours!


    Watch me build a fully functional funnel live (using screen-share) and follow along in a new tab as you build your own.  See every single button I click, and how to use all of the tools you need to collect leads and sell products online!


    Get a clone of the funnel you are looking at right now, instantly! That's right, I am giving you a copy of this website to import into your Groovefunnels account, and start editing right away. Forget about spending hours on an incomplete funnel - this one is already finished and ready to be imported into your account!


    This isn't a multi-thousand dollar sales pitch disguised as a training video; this is a straightforward walkthrough of how to use Groovefunnels to make money online. Whether you have an existing business or are starting a side-hustle, this tutorial will get your business online.

    How Many Hours Have You Already Wasted?

    Fix Your Funnel For $297

    Get The Training

    *Refunds are not available on one-day trainings.